Ep.01 β€’ Hello πŸ‘‹ Have You Figured Life Out Yet?

Ep.01 β€’ Hello πŸ‘‹ Have You Figured Life Out Yet?

Welcome to FLOwithMarco (FLO as in "Figuring Life Out"). I'm Marco, your millennial from next door, trying to figure life out as it happens. On this journey of mine, sometimes I get inspiration and I want to pass it on. From now on, this is where I'm going to share my vlogs, personal stories, insights, life and relationship advice, freelancing tips, and world travels. Unplugged, unscripted and unplanned...just like life :)

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In this first vlog / welcome video I introduce myself and explain why I'm rebranding my old "Marco in a BOX" YouTube channel and opening a second one (FLOwithMarco).

I recently left my tech job and am now in the process of "figuring it out" and chasing my creative dreams by launching my new content and lifestyle brand "Inevitaly" (did I mention I'm Italian?)

I also talk about dealing with imposter syndrome as a gay man and high-performer; how I managed to recover from a massive burnout and mid-life crisis; and how I'm reinventing and rebuilding myself from the ground up.

I consider myself to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and that often leads me to deal with a lot of self-doubt. However, over the years I was able to build a thriving online community of wonderful and supportive people. They keep me motivated and help me along the way, and I'm so incredibly grateful to them.

For years now, I've been feeling BOXED in...by creative block, by my own content choices, by the wrong work environment, by the pandemic...but that ends now! Marco is OUT of the box and ready to take the world by storm :) One video, and one blog at the time.

Thank you for being on this journey with me!

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