Ep.02 β€’ Get Unstuck πŸš€ Launch Your Project in 5 STEPS

Ep.02 β€’ Get Unstuck πŸš€ Launch Your Project in 5 STEPS

Whether you're taking your first steps into freelancing, launching a new business venture, or pursuing a personal hobby, embarking on a personal project can be both electrifying and daunting. As a former Program Marketing Manager at Google, I worked on numerous projects and launches, and learned how to master the ABC of Project Management. However, when the time finally arrived for me to dive into my own personal project, I was unexpectedly confronted with a wave of uncertainties and found myself paralyzed by fear.

Acknowledge your fears and doubts, but also remind yourself that taking the leap and trying is an accomplishment in itself.

Having experienced the thrill and challenges of managing projects in a professional setting, I had assumed that applying those skills to my personal endeavor would be a seamless transition. Yet, I quickly realized that there was a distinct difference when it came to investing my own time, passion, and resources into something deeply personal. The stakes felt higher, and the fear of failure seemed more tangible.

My journey from ideation to actually launching my project was tortuous but made me learn invaluable lessons about myself and the overall process. So, let's dive in together and explore the five steps that helped me overcome fear, embrace self-motivation, and bring my personal project to life β€” as, hopefully, these can be valuable to others who are feeling stuck in their own creative endeavors.

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First and foremost, I want to emphasize that these steps are highly personal. While they may work for many, it's crucial to adapt them to your own unique circumstances. After all, your project is an expression of your individuality, and it should reflect your own creative process.

The worst thing in life is living with regrets, so embrace the courage to fail rather than never trying at all.

Let me tell you about my personal project, Inevitaly. It's a content brand and YouTube channel that I launched a few weeks ago. This project had been brewing in my mind for a staggering two years. During that time, I felt stuck and overwhelmed. However, once I took that leap and released it into the world, a wave of relief washed over me.

Starting your own project can be daunting because, well, you're on your own. You become your own boss, which is pretty cool, but it also means you need to be your own source of motivation. When you wake up on a Monday morning, no one is there to tell you what to do. You must find the strength within yourself. If you're a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur, you know exactly what I mean. Keeping motivation alive, seeking inspiration, setting goals β€” these are all crucial steps when embarking on a personal project, whether it's freelancing, launching a startup, or opening a restaurant. The process demands time, dedication, self-drive, and self-motivation.

So, let's break it down into five steps β€” the steps I followed to successfully launch my project:


Identify Your Resources and Lay of the Land

Before diving headfirst into planning, take a moment to assess your resources. Define what you're trying to achieve, what your deliverables will be, and what you need to reach your goals. Consider whether you have a team or if you'll be working alone. Can you outsource tasks or hire someone? Evaluate your strengths and determine if you need to acquire new skills. Also, envision the look and feel of your brand or project. These considerations are vital groundwork that needs to be laid before you begin planning.

Step 2: PLAN

Plan and Embrace Flexibility

Planning is essential, but it can also be the most daunting phase. As someone who thrives on structure, I've learned that too much rigidity can hinder your progress. It's crucial to have a plan, timeline, and a list of deliverables to keep yourself motivated. However, be open to flexibility. Life happens, especially when you're freelancing or launching a creative project. I found solace in sketching my ideas on paper, hanging a whiteboard from my closet door, and creating tangible to-do lists. Having physical reminders of my mission statement, deadlines, and a content calendar helped me stay focused. Additionally, during the planning phase, consider the worst-case scenario if your project doesn't succeed: you’ll gather your learnings and move on to something new. Acknowledge your fears and doubts, but also remind yourself that taking the leap and trying is an accomplishment in itself. The worst thing in life is living with regrets, so embrace the courage to fail rather than never trying at all. And, of course, the best-case scenario is that your project thrives beyond your expectations. It may not unfold exactly as planned, but with passion and perseverance, it can become something remarkable.

Step 3: TEST

Test, Learn, and Gain Confidence

Although it's not mandatory, testing your project before the official launch can provide invaluable insights and boost your confidence. Conduct beta testing, organize a soft launch with a select group of people, or gather feedback from trusted individuals. This process allows you to gauge the direction and reception of your project, refine it, and build self-assurance in a relatively low-risk environment. Embrace the opportunity to learn new skills and establish a workflow that aligns with your vision. Remember, this is your chance to make mistakes, iterate, and improve your project based on real feedback.


Implement and Stay Consistent

Implementing your project (aka "the launch") requires discipline and perseverance. Even if progress seems slow initially, stick to your plan and stay consistent. Consistency is key. For my YouTube channel, it meant committing to a regular upload schedule. Remember, your project is a marathon, not a sprint. Embrace the journey, have fun, and remain motivated, knowing that success takes time and hard work. Celebrate the small victories along the way and don't be too hard on yourself if things don't go exactly as planned. Remember, you're constantly growing and evolving, and your project will reflect that.


Measure, Assess, and Adapt

Regularly measure your project's success metrics and assess the progress you've made. Set measurable objectives from the beginning to facilitate accurate evaluation. Utilize customer satisfaction surveys, engagement metrics, or other relevant data to make informed decisions. Embrace the iterative nature of projects. Adapt accordingly and learn from any mistakes made. Continuously plan, launch, measure, and refine your project, setting yourself up for future growth.

5 steps to successfully launch your project

A couple of extra pro-tips:

Just do it!

My number one advice is to always do something. When you start taking action and see things materialize in front of your eyes, you gain a better sense of whether you're on the right track, whether your project is going to be successful, and whether you need more help or new skills. As long as your project remains only in your mind, purely cerebral, you won't truly know its potential. It's only when you release it into the world, like a child beginning its own life, that you can start iterating, making adjustments, measuring, and getting energized. Once the foundational architecture is in place, everything else will unblock and you’ll finally be able to focus on the core of your project (making content in my case, serving great food if you’re opening a restaurant, and so on).

Eat the Frog First!

This is an expression I learned during my first month at Google. It means starting with the ugliest task, the one you hate the most. Get rid of the most annoying task first thing in the morning or at the beginning of your project. By tackling the least desirable tasks early on, you free up mental space and energy to focus on the things that truly excite you and create value for your project and brand.


Embarking on a personal project is a transformative journey that demands resilience, self-motivation, and a structured approach. By following these five steps, tailored to your unique circumstances, you can overcome your fears and bring your vision to life. Remember, success is not just about the destination but also about the process β€” the joy, learning, and growth you experience along the way. So, take that leap of faith, trust in yourself, and watch your personal project flourish. Good luck, and may your project thrive!

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